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'configfiles' Configuration File
Configuration Files


Entries in the configfiles file are LDIF formatted LDAP objects like this:

dn: cn=uniqueidentifier
cn: uniqueidentifier
description: Sample Configuration File
sfipackageid: sample
sfipackageid: sample.config
sfipackagefileformat: SimpleKey
sfipackagefilealternative: /etc/sample/sample.conf
sfipackagefilealternative: /etc/sample.conf
sfipackageconfigprefix: sample.conf
sfipackagerestartservice: sampled
sfipackagerestartservice: samplecfgd
sfipackagerestartifprocs: sampled


The etc/configfiles config file defines which files can be managed via the configuration distribution functionality. Each entry in the config file is an LDIF formatted LDAP object with the following attributes:


cn (mandatory)
a unique identifier
description (optional)
human readable description of the entry
sfipackageid (mandatory)
name of a package the described configuration file is contained in. Multiple packageids are accepted.
sfipackagefileformat (mandatory)
The name of the file format handler that handle files with this file format.
sfipackagefilealternative (mandatory)
path and file name of the configuration file. Multiple alternatives may be given. In this case during fetching and replacing configuration files the engine will go through the list and select the first path that exists on the source/target system. If none of the paths exist, the first alternative is chosen. The path on the source and target system may differ.
sfipackageconfigprefix (optional)
the prefix of the configuration settings that are meant to influence this configuration file. No prefix need to be set if the configuration file cannot be influenced via configuration settings.
sfipackagerestartservice (optional)
name of the services that must be restarted after the configuration file has been updated. On Unix systems the Director will require System V init scripts (init.d) in order to stop/start services. If multiple services are listed the Director will try to restart all of them.
sfipackagerestartifprocs (optional)
if given, the services listed in sfipackagerestartservice will only be restarted if a process of this name is already running. If multiple process names are listed, then the Director will restart services if at least one of them is running. Use this feature in order to prevent the Director from starting a service that is supposed to not run on the target machine.
One should never directly edit the configfiles file since it will be replaced when upgrading the Director. Instead, site specific configuration should go into the file /etc/sfidirector/configfilesSite.


ETC/configfiles CONFIGDIR/configfilesSite