Node Director
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| \Nelonen
| \CFixedInputStreamReaderThis class reads characters from a byte input stream
| oCCDLThis provides static methods to convert comma delimited text into a JSONArray, and to covert a JSONArray into comma delimited text
| oCCookieConvert a web browser cookie specification to a JSONObject and back
| oCCookieListConvert a web browser cookie list string to a JSONObject and back
| oCHTTPConvert an HTTP header to a JSONObject and back
| oCHTTPTokenerThe HTTPTokener extends the JSONTokener to provide additional methods for the parsing of HTTP headers
| oCJSONArrayA JSONArray is an ordered sequence of values
| oCJSONObjectA JSONObject is an unordered collection of name/value pairs
| oCJSONTokenerA JSONTokener takes a source string and extracts characters and tokens from it
| oCTestTest class
| oCXMLThis provides static methods to convert an XML text into a JSONObject, and to covert a JSONObject into an XML text
| \CXMLTokenerThe XMLTokener extends the JSONTokener to provide additional methods for the parsing of XML texts
| oNapplicationThis package implements the SFI Director application layer
| oNcliThe classes in this package implement all the commands available via the command line interface
| oNexecutorThe executor package is responsible for executing jobs using the information contained in the associated job objects
| oNgui
| oNinvokerInvokers are used as a job transport between different instances of the SFI director, for instance between the admin server and the agent
| oNjobsThe job package implements both Job classes whose instances represent actions to be taken on target systems as well as JobNode classes glueing jobs together into workflows
| oNrepositoryThe repository package and its sub-packages are responsible for accessing and manipulating the repository via various database engines
| oNretrieverThe retriever package provides a simple method of accessing local and remote files via an URL
| oNscheduleThis package implements the job scheduling functionality
| oNsystemThis package contains wrapper classes for system specific low level functions such as determining host names, file attributes, etc
| \NutilThis package is simply a collection of various useful stuff that did not make it into a distinct package