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The popmap file database driver implements reading from/writing to the popmap configuration file used by the Perdition IMAP/POP proxy. Each entry in the popmap file maps a user account used by the proxy to an account/server of a real IMAP server.

When used in write mode, this driver accepts user records as input and emits a popmap entry for each of them, where the key (Perdition user) is the login name of the account and the mapped real account/server is derived from the maildrop field. If no maildrop information is set or it does not contain a server part, then the popmap driver either maps the account onto a default server or does not emit an entry if no default server was specified.

In read mode, the driver parses input in popmap file format and emits a user record for each of them with the login name and maildrop fields set appropriately.


The driver accepts the following options:


The name of the default server. If a maildrop entry does not contain server information or is not present at all, the value of this option is used, instead. If no Server option is present, then no entry will be generated for user records with incomplete maildrop information.


A port number that is to be written into each emitted popmap entry. The port can currently only specified on a global basis.