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HostAssignedGroups Transformer
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Select groups assigned to a host. More...

Select groups assigned to a host.


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The HostAssignedGroups transformer expects a list of host and group objects as the input set. It then selects the host object(s) either associated with the host the transformer is running on or with the host names passed down using the Hostname option and extracts a list of groups from their sfiassignedgroup attribute. In a second pass the transformer selects all the group objects of the input set that were referred to in the sfiassignedgroup attribute(s) and copies them to the result set. Thus, the result set contains group objects for all the groups that where assigned to the target host.

If the pseudo-group all is assigned to a host, the entire set of groups is appearing in the output set.



A comma-separated list of names of hosts that should be respected. If no Hostname option is set, then the name and aliases of the current host are used.