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Distribute application packages. More...

Distribute application packages.

currently undocumented


sfidirector app_dist [-n] [-r] [-u] [-a app1 ...] [-h host1|-c class1 ...]


Distribute applications on single hosts or entire classes of hosts. Each host configuration in the Director's repository contains a list of currently installed application packages, a list of application packages that the administrators wish to have installed (subscribed applications), to be not installed (remove subscription) or not to be touched.

In installation-only mode (neither -r nor -u option active) subscribed applications that are not already installed on the target machines will be installed. If an application is already installed and newer packages are available, the application will be upgraded.

In install/remove-mode (-r option active) the same procedures are executed as in installation-only mode. Additionally, applications that are installed on the target machine and are listed in the remove subscription list are uninstalled.

In upgrade mode (-u option active), the subscription lists are ignored. Instead, the Director looks for newer versions of the already installed applications and installs them if available.



dry-run. Only determine what would have to be done. Combine this option with the global -v option in order to see what app_dist attempts to do.


Permit app_dist removing applications that are listed in the list of applications to be removed


Upgrade. Completely ignore the list of subscribed applications. Instead, install newer versions of already installed applications if available.

-a name

Only install/remove/upgrade the application with the given name. The -a option can be used multiple times.

-h hostname

Distribute applications to the listed host. The -h option can be used multiple times and be mixed with the -c option.

-c classname
Distribute applications to all hosts of the specified class. The -c option can be used multiple times and be mixed with the -h option.