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sfidirector archive
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Save/restore files in an Director archive file. More...

Save/restore files in an Director archive file.

Save/restore files in an Director archive file


sfidirector archive [-r|-l] [-f file] [-a format] file|dir


Stores, lists or extracts files in a Director archive file. Archive files can be in one of multiple formats. Use this command for manipulating archives to be used with Director, not as a replacement for true archivers like tar, zip or the like.


extract all files in the archive file
print a list of files being in the archive file
specify the file name of an existing archive file when used together with -r/-l options or of an archive file to be created. If -f option is not set, then stdin/stdout is being used.
specify the archive file format. Currently, only 'Archive' and 'Zip' are supported (and used in the Director).
the file or directory being archived. Together with -r option, the directory where files are extracted into.


sfidirector archive -f -a zip tmp
sfidirector archive -l -a zip -f