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sfidirector frinterface (-)
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Frontend interface. More...

Frontend interface.

Frontend interface


sfidirector frinterface [-p tcp|pipe] [-n name] [-w password] [-s] [-t timeout]


start the Director in frontend interface mode. Clients (alternative user frontends) can use Director functionality via a well-defined protocol.


-p {pipe|tcp}

choose communication method

-n name

for communication methods supporting 'names' force using the supplied name (for TCP communication the 'name' is a socket number frinterface should listen to

-t timeout

set initial program/session timeout (0=no timeout)


set initial session password


use the HTTP frontend protocol variation rather than the traditional one. This requires the communication method be tcp.

-l linkid

when using the HTTP frontend protocol, only accept requests from clients using this link id

-H port

start a HTTP session start server on the given TCP port


start as a session start server