Node Director
sfidirector init
Shell Commands

Initialize or update the repository. More...

Initialize or update the repository.

Setup an OpenLDAP based Director instance.

Create cryptographic keys.

Initialize/Update repository


sfidirector init [-n] [-a] [-r] [-e] [-l] [-F] [-u] [-t] [package1 ...]


The init command installs and maintains structures in the configuration repository, such as the folder frame, default/example objects and more.


Dry-run. Do not really update the repository, just log/print what would have been done without -n. .
List available/installed packages.
Attempt to find out which packages are already installed in the repository. This option is mainly useful when upgradeing from the old init procedure to the new one.
Flush. Removes the information stored internally about already installed package versions. This option is useful after changing the database in sfidirector.conf to a new, empty database.

Package Selection Options

The following options tell the init command what packages it should be consider installing/updateing.

Upgrade all packages that are already installed.
Install/upgrade all available packages.
Install/upgrade all recommended packages.
Install/upgrade all packages that contain example records.

Create cryptographic keys


sfidirector keyinit [-s] [-f]


The keyinit command creates cryptographic keys:


force. Overwrite existing keys.
Create SSL keys for server/agent communication.
Create key pair for password safe
-w password
specify private key password

Setup an OpenLDAP based Director instance


sfidirector olinstall schema (all|[name [...]])
sfidirector olinstall createdb base-DN dir (y|n) [rootpw] [domain]
sfidirector olinstall deletedb base-DN


The olinstall command installs and maintains configuration, databases and schema for an OpenLDAP based Director instance. Presumptions:

sfidirector olinstall schema (all|[name [...]])

Imports/updates all or the named schema into the OpenLDAP schema store

sfidirector olinstall createdb baseDN directory anonymousaccess(y|n) [rootpw] [domain

Create a database with given base DN, store the data in directory, include anonymous read access in the permission settings (yes/no), create a root user with rootpw, an ldaproot user with a random passwort, store the ldaproot credentials in .director/credentials[.domain].

sfidirector olinstall randompassword basedn domain

Set a random password for the ldaproot user in the given database.