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Change user passwords. More...

Change user passwords.

Change user passwords


sfidirector passwd [user]


The passwd command serves as a replacement for the system 'passwd' command and changes the password of the specified user account or of the current user if no user name was specified on the command line. The user will have to specify the old and new password. No direct access to the repository is necessary, instead, the passwd command contacts the Director server via the host and port specified in sfidirector.conf MasterHost and AdminServerPort settings.

For administrative purposes, it is possible to configure the passwd command in a way it will not require to enter the old user password: specify an authorized user and his password in the ~/.director.credentials file like i.e.:

credentials.passwd_master.principal: root
credentials.passwd_master.password: test

In this example the name of the Director server is master, the administrative user is root and his password is test.