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sfidirector storepassword (-)
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currently undocumented

store password in the credentials store


sfidirector storepassword [-t] [-u user] [-p password] [-h host] [-m protocol]


Store credentials in the credentials store. Credentials are usually stored in the home directory of the root user as .director/credentials or in case of the temporary store in .director/tmpcredentials. The credentials store is mainly used for storing database login/passwords.


store in the temporary credentials store rather than the permanent one
user name
host. Used if the credentials are used when e.g. connecting to a database on this host.
protocol, i.e. 'LDAP'
entity name. Do not use -m and -h together with -e.


Store password secretpwd and user name DN=admin for access to LDAP server localhost:

sfidirector storepassword -u DN=admin -p secretpwd -h localhost -m LDAP

Store password secretpwd for remote shell execution (SSH bootstrap)

sfidirector storepassword -t -u root -p secretpwd -e remotehost