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sfidirector sysinfo
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Extract and import system information. More...

Extract and import system information.

Extract and import system information


sfidirector sysinfo [-i|-O] [-h hostname] [-o option=value] [-f infofile ]


Extract and import system information like that collected by the collectinfo event manually. This command does allow execution of a system information scan without a Director server/agent connection being established, thus scanning computers that are not managed by the Director.

Modes of Operation

Option Mode

In the option mode (-O option specified on command line) the sysinfo command prints a list of command line options that can be used in the scan mode in order to achieve exactly the same results an automated system information scan would do. The option mode does only make sense on a Director server since access to the Director repository is required.

Scan Mode

In the scan mode (default when neiter -i nor -O options are specified), system information is collected and written into an output file. The output file contains information in a Director internal text based format. Sysinfo is executed in scan mode on the system one wants to gather information about or alternatively on a proxy host.

Import Mode

In import mode (-i option specified on command line) a system information file formerly output by scan mode is imported into the Director repository. The import mode requires access to the repository and is thus invoked on the Director server.


run in import mode
run in option mode
specify the file name of an existing system information file in import mode or of a file to be created in scan mode. If -f option is omitted, then stdin/stdout is being used.
set an option to the specified value
target host name for import and option mode


On the Director server run

sfidirector sysinfo -O -h myserver1

in order to get commandline options suggested for a scan run on the machine myserver1:

sfidirector sysinfo \
-o 'FileCandidates=/etc/named.conf;/etc/bind/named.conf' \
-f /tmp/sysinfo

Scans the system and stores system information in /tmp/sysinfo for later import on the Director server with the command

sfidirector sysinfo -i -h myserver1 -f /tmp/sysinfo