Node Director
Object Schemata


Common Attributes

General / Base Dir

The position within the database tree where the object is stored.

Common Documentation Attributes

Documentation / Category

The name of the category this object should appear in the documentation.

Documentation / Category

Currently not effective, sorry.

Documentation / Image

A list of images to appear together with the document text. Note that you cannot influence the position of the images relative to the text. If you need a particular image to be visually linked to a particular text, please add AdjDocText objects with both the images and the related text.

That images may be added in multiple formats. It is mandatory to add them at least in one well-known bitmap format (GIF, PNG) since this is the common denominator of all the document processors. For some target document formats the document processor might prefer vector oriented formats if the image is available in both bitmap and vector format.

Documentation / Text

A list of texts appearing in the document text. Text document types that can be directly rendered by the document processor are included as text, while others will appear as link to the original text document.