Node Director

Common Documentation Attributes

General / Heading

The heading to be used with this object (if the documentation object is usually included as a section with a heading). When Heading is not filled in, then normally the object's name will be used as a heading.

General / Description

Descriptive text. If the documentation object generates a section on its own, the description is usually appearing a subheading.

General / Detail Level

If the effective detail level of the document being generated is lower than the detail level of this object then the object is not going to be included in the documentation.

Documentation / Category

Semantics currently undocumented, sorry.

General / Autodoc Relation

Manually maintained documentation objects may replace or complement automatically generated documentation objects. If so, the Audodoc Relation tells the document generator, to which automatically generated objects this object is related to.

Each autodoc relation is composed of a mode and the name of the automatically generated object.


annihiliate name

in order to make neither the manually entered nor the automatically generated object to appear in the documentation.


replaces name

in order to make the manually maintained object replace the automatically generated one.


adds name

in order to make the manually maintained object add supplemental information to the automatically generated one.