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User DB .................... sync:ldap:localhost:ou=users,ou=zarafa
Host DB .................... sync:ldap:localhost:ou=hosts,ou=zarafa
Only Assigned Users/Groups . on


The "Zarafa Users/Groups" domain template allows writing user account information out into an LDAP tree specially fitted for the Zarafa groupware product.

With the "Only Assigned Users/Groups" option enabled only users/groups that are explicitly assigned to the respective target host will be effective. These are set within the host record in the Director.


The template understands the following configuration options:

User DB

The URL pointing to the database tree users are stored in.

Host DB

The URL pointint to the database tree host information is stored in. Only hosts with Zarafa HTTP Port set will be replicated. If Host DB is not set, no host information is propagated at all. A host DB is only needed in a multiserver environment.

Only Assigned Users/Groups

If set, only users and groups that are explicitly assigned to the respective target host are written into the target database tree.