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Create automounter auto.home entries from user records. More...

Create automounter auto.home entries from user records.


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The AutoHome transformer handles user objects in the source data set, uses their physHomeDir, physHomeDirServer and homeDirectory attributes in order to create automounter objects suitable for inclusion in a auto.home map. Thus, the resulting data set contains the generated automounter objects. Objects in the source data set that cannot be translated in an automounter object are silently ignored.

When creating automounter objects, the homeDirectory is interpreted as the logical directory where the home directory should be mounted, whereas the physHomeDir and physHomeDirServer constitute the physical location. Therefore automounter entries like

homeDirectory physHomeDirServer:physHomeDir

are created.



If this option is set, only objects with their homeDirectory path starting with the given value are treated as ready for inclusion in the home director map. Usually, if /home is automounted, one will set the Parent option to /home/.


If set, the value of this option is expected to be mount options that have to be reflected in each of the automounter entries as is. I.e. with Options set to -ro, the emitted automounter entries will look like

homeDirectory -ro physHomeDirServer:physHomeDir

and thus, the home directories will be mounted read-only.


The generated automounter objects represent automounter entries. In order to have them appear in an automounter map they must be placed below the automount map object. The Root option should be set to the (relative) DN of the automount map.