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sfi.director.repository.DN Class Reference

This class implements an RFC2253 distinguished name. More...

Public Member Functions

 DN ()
 DN (String dn)
 DN (String dn, DN root)
 DN (DN dn, DN root)
void setRaw (String dn)
void set (String dn)
void set (DN dn)
String getRaw ()
 get DN in 'raw' RFC2253 compliant format
String get ()
get DN in interpreted ('\' escapes interpreted, redundant space removed)


String getComparable ()
get DN in comparable format where equal DNs are supposed to return

equal Strings regardless to the original encoding

boolean isSub (DN subdn)
String toString ()
int hashCode ()
boolean equals (Object cobj)
void completeDN (String root)
void completeDN (DN root)
void append (DN root)
void strip (DN root)
DN parent ()
DN flat ()
DBObject RDNattrs ()
Object clone ()

Static Public Member Functions

static String demangleDN (String dn)

Static Protected Member Functions

static String mangleDN (String dn)
static String makeComparable (String dn)

Protected Attributes

String dn = null
String cdn = null

Detailed Description

This class implements an RFC2253 distinguished name.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

sfi.director.repository.DN.DN ( )
sfi.director.repository.DN.DN ( String  dn)
sfi.director.repository.DN.DN ( String  dn,
DN  root 
sfi.director.repository.DN.DN ( DN  dn,
DN  root 

Member Function Documentation

void sfi.director.repository.DN.append ( DN  root)
Object sfi.director.repository.DN.clone ( )
void sfi.director.repository.DN.completeDN ( String  root)
void sfi.director.repository.DN.completeDN ( DN  root)
static String sfi.director.repository.DN.demangleDN ( String  dn)
boolean sfi.director.repository.DN.equals ( Object  cobj)
DN sfi.director.repository.DN.flat ( )
String sfi.director.repository.DN.get ( )
String sfi.director.repository.DN.getComparable ( )

get DN in comparable format where equal DNs are supposed to return

equal Strings regardless to the original encoding

References sfi.director.repository.DN.cdn.

Referenced by sfi.director.repository.DN.isSub(), sfi.director.repository.LDIFTree.path(), and sfi.director.repository.LDIFDir.path().

String sfi.director.repository.DN.getRaw ( )
int sfi.director.repository.DN.hashCode ( )
boolean sfi.director.repository.DN.isSub ( DN  subdn)
static String sfi.director.repository.DN.makeComparable ( String  dn)
static String sfi.director.repository.DN.mangleDN ( String  dn)
DN sfi.director.repository.DN.parent ( )
DBObject sfi.director.repository.DN.RDNattrs ( )
void sfi.director.repository.DN.set ( String  dn)
void sfi.director.repository.DN.set ( DN  dn)
void sfi.director.repository.DN.setRaw ( String  dn)
void sfi.director.repository.DN.strip ( DN  root)
String sfi.director.repository.DN.toString ( )

Member Data Documentation

String sfi.director.repository.DN.cdn = null
String sfi.director.repository.DN.dn = null

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