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com.graeff.dbedit.Field Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for com.graeff.dbedit.Field:
com.graeff.dbedit.fields.CheckBox com.graeff.dbedit.fields.List com.graeff.dbedit.fields.Password com.graeff.dbedit.fields.Selection com.graeff.dbedit.fields.Text sfi.director.gui.fields.Application sfi.director.gui.fields.DropField sfi.director.gui.fields.HostClass sfi.director.gui.fields.Uid

Public Member Functions

 Field ()
void init ()
 init() will be called on field setup
void deinit ()
 deinit() will be called on field removal.
void setAttribute (String name)
String getAttribute ()
void setRecord (Record rec)
void setArgs (Arguments args)
Arguments getArgs ()
void setExternalData (Vector data)
void setWindow (EventSource win)
String toString ()
String toString (String str)
void fromVector (Vector data)
Vector toVector ()
void exchange (Vector data, Field source)
void textinput (String data)
void updated (Vector data, Field source)
void setTemplate (Vector data)
void guiEvent (GuiEvent evt)
void check ()
void setDefaults ()
boolean isUpdated ()
void clearUpdated ()
void sendUpdated ()
void sendUpdated (Vector data)
void sendSetTemplate (String field, String template)
void sendSetTemplate (String field, Vector template)
void sendOwnData ()
void sendTextinput (String field, String data)
boolean hasOwnData ()
String getMaster ()
 get the master type of a field.
Record getSchema ()
 get additional schema information.
Record getSchema (Record record)
 the same as getSchema(), but the information is added to an existing Record object

Protected Member Functions

boolean check (String name, String acceptable, String warnchars)
 Check field contents character by character against a set of accepted characters.

Protected Attributes

IgnoreCaseString attribute
Record record
Arguments args
EventSource window
boolean hasOwnData = false
Vector externalData = null
boolean wasupdated = false

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

com.graeff.dbedit.Field.Field ( )

Member Function Documentation

void com.graeff.dbedit.Field.check ( )
boolean com.graeff.dbedit.Field.check ( String  name,
String  acceptable,
String  warnchars 

Check field contents character by character against a set of accepted characters.

Raise an error if the field contains an invalid character, raise a warning if field contains a character it should better not contain.

References com.graeff.dbedit.Field.args, com.graeff.dbedit.EventSource.error(), com.graeff.dbedit.Arguments.getArgument(), com.graeff.dbedit.EventSource.warning(), and com.graeff.dbedit.Field.window.

void com.graeff.dbedit.Field.clearUpdated ( )
void com.graeff.dbedit.Field.deinit ( )

deinit() will be called on field removal.

deinit() is not necessarily called when the editor terminates. It's actually meant for unloading fields during an ongoint edit operation.

References com.graeff.dbedit.EventSource.unregisterEventListener(), and com.graeff.dbedit.Field.window.

Referenced by com.graeff.dbedit.EditPanel.removeRule().

void ( Vector  data,
Field  source 
void com.graeff.dbedit.Field.fromVector ( Vector  data)
Arguments com.graeff.dbedit.Field.getArgs ( )
String com.graeff.dbedit.Field.getAttribute ( )
String com.graeff.dbedit.Field.getMaster ( )

get the master type of a field.

The master type usually is a kind of super class - e.g. the master of most fields basing on List is "List". The master defaults to "Text".

Reimplemented in com.graeff.dbedit.fields.Selection, com.graeff.dbedit.fields.List, com.graeff.dbedit.fields.CheckBox, and com.graeff.dbedit.fields.Text.

Referenced by sfi.director.util.Tools.fieldToDBObject().

Record com.graeff.dbedit.Field.getSchema ( )

get additional schema information.

When a field definition is translated into Record format all attributes/options are translated into a key -> value(s) association. Special fields may get asked for their specific information via this method.

See Also

Referenced by sfi.director.util.Tools.fieldToDBObject().

Record com.graeff.dbedit.Field.getSchema ( Record  record)

the same as getSchema(), but the information is added to an existing Record object

Reimplemented in com.graeff.dbedit.fields.Selection.

References com.graeff.dbedit.Field.record.

void com.graeff.dbedit.Field.guiEvent ( GuiEvent  evt)
boolean com.graeff.dbedit.Field.hasOwnData ( )
void com.graeff.dbedit.Field.init ( )
boolean com.graeff.dbedit.Field.isUpdated ( )
void com.graeff.dbedit.Field.sendOwnData ( )
void com.graeff.dbedit.Field.sendSetTemplate ( String  field,
String  template 
void com.graeff.dbedit.Field.sendSetTemplate ( String  field,
Vector  template 
void com.graeff.dbedit.Field.sendTextinput ( String  field,
String  data 
void com.graeff.dbedit.Field.sendUpdated ( )
void com.graeff.dbedit.Field.sendUpdated ( Vector  data)
void com.graeff.dbedit.Field.setArgs ( Arguments  args)
void com.graeff.dbedit.Field.setAttribute ( String  name)
void com.graeff.dbedit.Field.setDefaults ( )
void com.graeff.dbedit.Field.setExternalData ( Vector  data)
void com.graeff.dbedit.Field.setRecord ( Record  rec)
void com.graeff.dbedit.Field.setTemplate ( Vector  data)
void com.graeff.dbedit.Field.setWindow ( EventSource  win)
void com.graeff.dbedit.Field.textinput ( String  data)
String com.graeff.dbedit.Field.toString ( )
String com.graeff.dbedit.Field.toString ( String  str)
Vector com.graeff.dbedit.Field.toVector ( )
void com.graeff.dbedit.Field.updated ( Vector  data,
Field  source 

Member Data Documentation

Arguments com.graeff.dbedit.Field.args
IgnoreCaseString com.graeff.dbedit.Field.attribute
Vector com.graeff.dbedit.Field.externalData = null
boolean com.graeff.dbedit.Field.hasOwnData = false
Record com.graeff.dbedit.Field.record
boolean com.graeff.dbedit.Field.wasupdated = false
EventSource com.graeff.dbedit.Field.window

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