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com.graeff.dbedit.EditPanel Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 EditPanel (String name)
void addRule (String rule)
void addRule (Vector tokens)
void removeRule (String name)
 Remove a rule.
Enumeration getRules ()
Enumeration getFieldNames ()
void initPanel (Record data, EditUi uiInterface)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

com.graeff.dbedit.EditPanel.EditPanel ( String  name)

Member Function Documentation

void com.graeff.dbedit.EditPanel.addRule ( String  rule)
void com.graeff.dbedit.EditPanel.addRule ( Vector  tokens)
Enumeration com.graeff.dbedit.EditPanel.getFieldNames ( )
Enumeration com.graeff.dbedit.EditPanel.getRules ( )
void com.graeff.dbedit.EditPanel.initPanel ( Record  data,
EditUi  uiInterface 
void com.graeff.dbedit.EditPanel.removeRule ( String  name)

Remove a rule.

If the rule has already been initialized, then the associated field is de-initialized.

References com.graeff.dbedit.Field.deinit(), com.graeff.dbedit.Arguments.getField(), and com.graeff.dbedit.Arguments.getFieldName().

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