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com.graeff.pwencode.RSAEncoder Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for com.graeff.pwencode.RSAEncoder:

Public Member Functions

 RSAEncoder ()
boolean accepts (String encoding)
String encode (String password)
boolean authorize (String coded, String password)

Static Public Member Functions

static void setPublicKeyFile (File file)
static void setPrivateKeyFile (File file)
static String plainText (String enc, String passwd) throws Exception
static Key readPrivKey (File keyFile, String passwd) throws Exception
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from com.graeff.pwencode.EncoderImpl
static String digestToString (byte[] digest)

Protected Member Functions

void init ()
String crypt (String password, String salt)

Static Protected Member Functions

static synchronized Key getKey ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

com.graeff.pwencode.RSAEncoder.RSAEncoder ( )

Member Function Documentation

boolean com.graeff.pwencode.RSAEncoder.accepts ( String  encoding)

Reimplemented from com.graeff.pwencode.EncoderImpl.

boolean com.graeff.pwencode.RSAEncoder.authorize ( String  coded,
String  password 
String com.graeff.pwencode.RSAEncoder.crypt ( String  password,
String  salt 
String com.graeff.pwencode.RSAEncoder.encode ( String  password)
static synchronized Key com.graeff.pwencode.RSAEncoder.getKey ( )
void com.graeff.pwencode.RSAEncoder.init ( )
static String com.graeff.pwencode.RSAEncoder.plainText ( String  enc,
String  passwd 
) throws Exception
static Key com.graeff.pwencode.RSAEncoder.readPrivKey ( File  keyFile,
String  passwd 
) throws Exception
static void com.graeff.pwencode.RSAEncoder.setPrivateKeyFile ( File  file)
static void com.graeff.pwencode.RSAEncoder.setPublicKeyFile ( File  file)

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