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sfi.director.application.autodoc.DocCategory Class Reference

Category information. More...

Public Member Functions

 DocCategory ()
 DocCategory (DBObject catdbo, String audience)
String name ()
 Accessor for attribute name.
String name (String name)
 Mutator for attribute name.
String subtitle ()
 Accessor for attribute title.
String subtitle (String subtitle)
 Mutator for attribute title.
int detaillevel ()
 Accessor for attribute detaillevel.
int detaillevel (int detaillevel)
 Mutator for attribute detaillevel.

Static Public Member Functions

static DocCategory getCategoryFor (DBObject dbo, String audience) throws DirectorException
 get the category associated with the given object.

Protected Attributes

String name = null
String subtitle = null
 Sub paragraph this object should appear in.
int detaillevel = 3

Detailed Description

Category information.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

sfi.director.application.autodoc.DocCategory.DocCategory ( )
sfi.director.application.autodoc.DocCategory.DocCategory ( DBObject  catdbo,
String  audience 

Member Function Documentation

int sfi.director.application.autodoc.DocCategory.detaillevel ( )
int sfi.director.application.autodoc.DocCategory.detaillevel ( int  detaillevel)

Mutator for attribute detaillevel.

References sfi.director.application.autodoc.DocCategory.detaillevel().

static DocCategory sfi.director.application.autodoc.DocCategory.getCategoryFor ( DBObject  dbo,
String  audience 
) throws DirectorException
String ( )
String ( String  name)

Mutator for attribute name.


String sfi.director.application.autodoc.DocCategory.subtitle ( )
String sfi.director.application.autodoc.DocCategory.subtitle ( String  subtitle)

Mutator for attribute title.

References sfi.director.application.autodoc.DocCategory.subtitle().

Member Data Documentation

int sfi.director.application.autodoc.DocCategory.detaillevel = 3
String = null
String sfi.director.application.autodoc.DocCategory.subtitle = null

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