Node Director
Package sfi.director


package  application
 This package implements the SFI Director application layer.
package  cli
 The classes in this package implement all the commands available via the command line interface.
package  executor
 The executor package is responsible for executing jobs using the information contained in the associated job objects.
package  gui
package  invoker
 Invokers are used as a job transport between different instances of the SFI director, for instance between the admin server and the agent.
package  jobs
 The job package implements both Job classes whose instances represent actions to be taken on target systems as well as JobNode classes glueing jobs together into workflows.
package  repository
 The repository package and its sub-packages are responsible for accessing and manipulating the repository via various database engines.
package  retriever
 The retriever package provides a simple method of accessing local and remote files via an URL.
package  schedule
 This package implements the job scheduling functionality.
package  system
 This package contains wrapper classes for system specific low level functions such as determining host names, file attributes, etc.
package  util
 This package is simply a collection of various useful stuff that did not make it into a distinct package.