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sfi.director.application.autodoc.DocExtDocu Class Reference

Handles external documents. More...

Public Member Functions

 DocExtDocu (DBObject docdef)
 DocExtDocu (String urn)
void store () throws DirectorException
 Store the current object meta information in the database.
DBObject toDBObject ()
boolean isInclude ()
boolean isInline ()
String categoryName ()
 Accessor for attribute categoryName.
String categoryName (String categoryName)
 Mutator for attribute categoryName.
String caption ()
 Accessor for attribute caption.
String caption (String caption)
 Mutator for attribute caption.
String file ()
 Accessor for attribute file.
String file (String file)
 Mutator for attribute file.
String urn ()
 Accessor for attribute urn.
String urn (String urn)
 Mutator for attribute urn.
String read () throws DirectorException
 returns the document text
void fetch () throws DirectorException

Static Public Member Functions

static DocExtDocu retrieve (String urn) throws DirectorException
static String mangledUrn (String urn)
static String unmangledUrn (String mangled)

Protected Attributes

String categoryName = null
 The document's category.
String caption = null
 The document title.
String file = null
 The document file.
String urn = null
 The URN associated with this document.

Detailed Description

Handles external documents.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

sfi.director.application.autodoc.DocExtDocu.DocExtDocu ( DBObject  docdef)
sfi.director.application.autodoc.DocExtDocu.DocExtDocu ( String  urn)

Member Function Documentation

String sfi.director.application.autodoc.DocExtDocu.caption ( )
String sfi.director.application.autodoc.DocExtDocu.caption ( String  caption)

Mutator for attribute caption.

The document title.

References sfi.director.application.autodoc.DocExtDocu.caption().

String sfi.director.application.autodoc.DocExtDocu.categoryName ( )
String sfi.director.application.autodoc.DocExtDocu.categoryName ( String  categoryName)

Mutator for attribute categoryName.

The document's category.

References sfi.director.application.autodoc.DocExtDocu.categoryName().

void sfi.director.application.autodoc.DocExtDocu.fetch ( ) throws DirectorException
String sfi.director.application.autodoc.DocExtDocu.file ( )
String sfi.director.application.autodoc.DocExtDocu.file ( String  file)

Mutator for attribute file.

The document file.

References sfi.director.application.autodoc.DocExtDocu.file().

boolean sfi.director.application.autodoc.DocExtDocu.isInclude ( )
boolean sfi.director.application.autodoc.DocExtDocu.isInline ( )
static String sfi.director.application.autodoc.DocExtDocu.mangledUrn ( String  urn)
String ( ) throws DirectorException
static DocExtDocu sfi.director.application.autodoc.DocExtDocu.retrieve ( String  urn) throws DirectorException
void ( ) throws DirectorException
DBObject sfi.director.application.autodoc.DocExtDocu.toDBObject ( )
static String sfi.director.application.autodoc.DocExtDocu.unmangledUrn ( String  mangled)
String sfi.director.application.autodoc.DocExtDocu.urn ( )
String sfi.director.application.autodoc.DocExtDocu.urn ( String  urn)

Mutator for attribute urn.

The URN associated with this document.

References sfi.director.application.autodoc.DocExtDocu.urn().

Member Data Documentation

String sfi.director.application.autodoc.DocExtDocu.caption = null

The document title.

String sfi.director.application.autodoc.DocExtDocu.categoryName = null

The document's category.

String sfi.director.application.autodoc.DocExtDocu.file = null
String sfi.director.application.autodoc.DocExtDocu.urn = null

The URN associated with this document.

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