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sfi.director.application.config.GenericFileHandler Class Reference

config file handler. More...

Inheritance diagram for sfi.director.application.config.GenericFileHandler:
sfi.director.application.config.ConfigFileHandler sfi.director.util.ArchiveFilter

Public Member Functions

 GenericFileHandler ()
String[] Packages (String id)
String description (String id)
String configPrefixById (String id)
void save (SaveConfigEnvironment env) throws DirectorException
 save this file if the ConfigEnvironment demands it.
synchronized void restore (RestoreConfigEnvironment env) throws DirectorException
 restore one config file from config environment env.
void archiveStart (OutputStream outstream)
void archiveWrite (byte[] buffer, int size) throws IOException
void archiveClose () throws IOException
void performPostRestore (RestoreConfigEnvironment env)
- Public Member Functions inherited from sfi.director.application.config.ConfigFileHandler
void saveFile (SaveConfigEnvironment env, String file, String id) throws DirectorException
boolean isInScope (SaveConfigEnvironment env)
 does the ConfigEnvironment imply this config file must be saved.
String findFile (ConfigEnvironment env, boolean force)
 try to find the best matching file out of the filesel list.
String id ()
String[] Packages ()

Protected Member Functions

void readConfig ()
void setupFilesel (DBObject pkgDef)
synchronized void savePkg (SaveConfigEnvironment env, DBObject pkgDef) throws DirectorException
void setupRestarts (DBObject pkgDef)
DBObject pkgDef ()
DBObject pkgDef (DBObject pkgDef)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from sfi.director.application.config.ConfigFileHandler
 ConfigFileHandler ()
 ConfigFileHandler (String id, String[] packages, String[] filesel)
RestoreConfigEnvironment restEnv ()
void restEnv (RestoreConfigEnvironment env)
void id (String newid)
void Packages (String[] newpackages)
void Filesel (String[] newfilesel)
String[] Filesel ()
String[] restartIfProcs ()
void restartIfProcs (String[] procs)
String[] restartServices ()
void restartServices (String[] services)
String configPrefix ()
void configPrefix (String prefix)
void processLine (RestoreConfigEnvironment env, String line) throws IOException
Vector dropThem ()
Hashtable needInsert ()
void startFile (RestoreConfigEnvironment env)
void endFile (RestoreConfigEnvironment env) throws IOException
 place holder for handler specific finalization code
void emit (String key) throws IOException
void emit (String key, String value) throws IOException

Detailed Description

config file handler.

Classes derived from this class handle one specific config file.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

sfi.director.application.config.GenericFileHandler.GenericFileHandler ( )

Member Function Documentation

void sfi.director.application.config.GenericFileHandler.archiveClose ( ) throws IOException
void sfi.director.application.config.GenericFileHandler.archiveStart ( OutputStream  outstream)
void sfi.director.application.config.GenericFileHandler.archiveWrite ( byte[]  buffer,
int  size 
) throws IOException
String sfi.director.application.config.GenericFileHandler.configPrefixById ( String  id)
String sfi.director.application.config.GenericFileHandler.description ( String  id)
String [] sfi.director.application.config.GenericFileHandler.Packages ( String  id)
void sfi.director.application.config.GenericFileHandler.performPostRestore ( RestoreConfigEnvironment  env)
DBObject sfi.director.application.config.GenericFileHandler.pkgDef ( )
DBObject sfi.director.application.config.GenericFileHandler.pkgDef ( DBObject  pkgDef)
void sfi.director.application.config.GenericFileHandler.readConfig ( )
synchronized void sfi.director.application.config.GenericFileHandler.restore ( RestoreConfigEnvironment  env) throws DirectorException
void ( SaveConfigEnvironment  env) throws DirectorException
synchronized void sfi.director.application.config.GenericFileHandler.savePkg ( SaveConfigEnvironment  env,
DBObject  pkgDef 
) throws DirectorException
void sfi.director.application.config.GenericFileHandler.setupFilesel ( DBObject  pkgDef)
void sfi.director.application.config.GenericFileHandler.setupRestarts ( DBObject  pkgDef)

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