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sfi.director.application.executor.InstallFromZIP Class Reference

accepts a ZIP archive as the input file and extracts it into a given directory. More...

Inheritance diagram for sfi.director.application.executor.InstallFromZIP:
sfi.director.executor.GenericConnection sfi.director.util.Connection sfi.director.application.executor.InstallFromArchive

Public Member Functions

void setJob (RemoteJob job)
boolean is (String flag, boolean defaultVal)
void setPerms (File target) throws DirectorException
void exec () throws DirectorException

Static Public Member Functions

static String mangleName (String name)

Protected Attributes

RemoteJob job = null
Vector apps = new Vector()

Detailed Description

accepts a ZIP archive as the input file and extracts it into a given directory.

Job Arguments:

Member Function Documentation

void sfi.director.application.executor.InstallFromZIP.exec ( ) throws DirectorException
boolean ( String  flag,
boolean  defaultVal 
static String sfi.director.application.executor.InstallFromZIP.mangleName ( String  name)
void sfi.director.application.executor.InstallFromZIP.setJob ( RemoteJob  job)
void sfi.director.application.executor.InstallFromZIP.setPerms ( File  target) throws DirectorException

Member Data Documentation

Vector sfi.director.application.executor.InstallFromZIP.apps = new Vector()
RemoteJob sfi.director.application.executor.InstallFromZIP.job = null

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