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sfi.director.cli.CLICommand Class Reference

Every CLI command must implement the CLICommand interface. More...

Inheritance diagram for sfi.director.cli.CLICommand:
sfi.director.cli.agent sfi.director.cli.app_dist sfi.director.cli.app_extract sfi.director.cli.app_freeze sfi.director.cli.app_import sfi.director.cli.app_subscribe sfi.director.cli.archive sfi.director.cli.copy sfi.director.cli.create sfi.director.cli.debug sfi.director.cli.docclean sfi.director.cli.docrefetch sfi.director.cli.frinterface sfi.director.cli.mkdepend sfi.director.cli.monitor sfi.director.cli.olinstall sfi.director.cli.passwd sfi.director.cli.queuestat sfi.director.cli.queueworker sfi.director.cli.replay sfi.director.cli.restoreconfig sfi.director.cli.saveconfig sfi.director.cli.serverstatus sfi.director.cli.setguipasswd sfi.director.cli.shutdown sfi.director.cli.storepassword sfi.director.cli.sysinfo sfi.director.cli.test sfi.director.cli.version

Public Member Functions

abstract void run (Hashtable optargs) throws DirectorException
 run the command with the (pre-parsed) options optargs
abstract String usage ()
 return a one-line usage string
abstract String help ()
 return a more verbose usage string (aka.
abstract String[] getOptDefinitions ()
 return option definitions as used by Tools.getOpt()
void setOptions (Hashtable opts)
 sets options from a hash as returned by Tools.getOpts().
Options getOptions ()
Hashtable getOptionsHash ()

Detailed Description

Every CLI command must implement the CLICommand interface.

Member Function Documentation

abstract String [] sfi.director.cli.CLICommand.getOptDefinitions ( )
pure virtual
Options sfi.director.cli.CLICommand.getOptions ( )
Hashtable sfi.director.cli.CLICommand.getOptionsHash ( )
abstract String ( )
pure virtual
abstract void ( Hashtable  optargs) throws DirectorException
pure virtual
void sfi.director.cli.CLICommand.setOptions ( Hashtable  opts)

sets options from a hash as returned by Tools.getOpts().

abstract String sfi.director.cli.CLICommand.usage ( )
pure virtual

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