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sfi.director.cli.CLILogger Class Reference

Logger used in conjunction with CLI. More...

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Public Member Functions

 CLILogger (Object key)
void setVerbose ()
int getVerbose ()
void setSyslog (boolean enable)
Logger createLogger (Object key)
void syslog (LogEntry le)
- Public Member Functions inherited from sfi.director.util.Logger
 Logger (Object key)
void setSubthread (Thread subthread)
void unregister ()
void unregister (Thread thread)
Logger getLogger (Object key)
Logger getLogger ()
void indent ()
void indent (Object key)
int getIndent ()
int getIndent (Object key)
int iGetIndent ()
void outdent ()
void outdent (Object key)
void close ()
void close (Object key)
void setTitle (String title)
void setTitle (Object key, String title)
void setChain (Logger up)
void setChain (Object key, Logger up)
void iSetChain (Logger up)
void log (int kind, String message)
void log (LogEntry log)
void log (Object key, LogEntry log)

Static Public Member Functions

static void setDefaultVerbose ()
static int getDefaultVerbose ()
static void setDefaultSyslog (boolean enable)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from sfi.director.util.Logger
static void register (Object key, Logger thelogger)
static int monitoredSize ()
static void register (Logger thelogger)
static void clearLoggers ()
static Object getKey ()

Protected Member Functions

void iLog (LogEntry le)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from sfi.director.util.Logger
void iIndent ()
void iOutdent ()
void iClose ()
void iSetTitle (String title)

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Attributes inherited from sfi.director.util.Logger
static final int DEBUG = 0
static final int INFO = 1
static final int NOTICE = 2
static final int WARNING = 3
static final int ERR = 4
static final int CRIT = 5
static final int ALERT = 6
static final int EMERG = 7
static int syslogErrors = 0
static final String[] syslogLevels

Detailed Description

Logger used in conjunction with CLI.

This logger writes log messages to stdout. Depending on command line arguments it will be more verbose or less verbose, thus writing out NOTICE level messages or not. CLILogger also allows switching off syslog().

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

sfi.director.cli.CLILogger.CLILogger ( Object  key)

Member Function Documentation

Logger sfi.director.cli.CLILogger.createLogger ( Object  key)
static int sfi.director.cli.CLILogger.getDefaultVerbose ( )
int sfi.director.cli.CLILogger.getVerbose ( )
void sfi.director.cli.CLILogger.iLog ( LogEntry  le)
static void sfi.director.cli.CLILogger.setDefaultSyslog ( boolean  enable)
static void sfi.director.cli.CLILogger.setDefaultVerbose ( )
void sfi.director.cli.CLILogger.setSyslog ( boolean  enable)
void sfi.director.cli.CLILogger.setVerbose ( )
void sfi.director.cli.CLILogger.syslog ( LogEntry  le)

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