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sfi.director.invoker.Recorder Class Reference

The recorder records jobs in a queue directory and plays them back on demand. More...

Public Member Functions

 Recorder (String directory) throws DirectorException
void record (RemoteJob job) throws DirectorException
synchronized void record (DBObject jobdbo) throws DirectorException
void replay () throws DirectorException

Protected Member Functions

String getBaseName ()
void incrementSeq () throws DirectorException
String infile (String url) throws DirectorException
void executeJob (String jobfile) throws DirectorException, IOException

Detailed Description

The recorder records jobs in a queue directory and plays them back on demand.

All the job data (job input files) is stored within the queue directory, the output files are redirected to dummy files, the target host is always the replaying host. Therefore the queue directory can be copied to an arbitrary host and will play back.

The record() method recording jobs is called from the InvokerManager whenever a job is invoked on a host having the


attribute set. The replay() method is called by the cli.replay class.

See Also

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

sfi.director.invoker.Recorder.Recorder ( String  directory) throws DirectorException

Member Function Documentation

void sfi.director.invoker.Recorder.executeJob ( String  jobfile) throws DirectorException, IOException
String sfi.director.invoker.Recorder.getBaseName ( )
void sfi.director.invoker.Recorder.incrementSeq ( ) throws DirectorException
String sfi.director.invoker.Recorder.infile ( String  url) throws DirectorException
void sfi.director.invoker.Recorder.record ( RemoteJob  job) throws DirectorException
synchronized void sfi.director.invoker.Recorder.record ( DBObject  jobdbo) throws DirectorException
void sfi.director.invoker.Recorder.replay ( ) throws DirectorException

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