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Public Member Functions

 JobMonitor ()
 JobMonitor (OutputStream out)
 JobMonitor (OutputStream out, String jobId)
void setOutput (OutputStream out)
synchronized void setJob (String jobId)
void monitor ()
void setOption (String name)
void setOption (String name, String contents)
void setOption (Options opts)
boolean isAlive ()
void log (LogEntry le)
void log (LogEntry le, int indent)
Job retrieveJob (String id)
void unmonitor (Job job)
void statusChange (Job job)
void jobLog (Job job, LogEntry le)

Static Public Member Functions

static void main (String args[])
 Test procedure.

Static Public Attributes

static CatchAllLogsJob catchAllJob = new CatchAllLogsJob()

Protected Member Functions

void traverse (String id, int indent)
void traverse (String id, int indent, Hashtable traversed)
String jobName (Job job)
Job retrieveFrom (DBConnection db, String id)
synchronized void removeMonitor (String id)
synchronized void removeAll ()
void finalize ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation ( ) ( OutputStream  out) ( OutputStream  out,
String  jobId 

Member Function Documentation

void ( )
boolean ( )
void ( Job  job,
LogEntry  le 
String ( Job  job)
void ( LogEntry  le)
void ( LogEntry  le,
int  indent 
static void ( String  args[])
void ( )
synchronized void ( )
synchronized void ( String  id)
Job ( DBConnection  db,
String  id 
Job ( String  id)
synchronized void ( String  jobId)
void ( String  name)
void ( String  name,
String  contents 
void ( Options  opts)
void ( OutputStream  out)
void ( Job  job)
void ( String  id,
int  indent 
void ( String  id,
int  indent,
Hashtable  traversed 
void ( Job  job)

Member Data Documentation

CatchAllLogsJob = new CatchAllLogsJob()

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