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sfi.director.system.Library Class Reference

Static Public Member Functions

static boolean ensure (String name)
 load dynamic (native) library.
static String findLibrary (String name)

Member Function Documentation

static boolean sfi.director.system.Library.ensure ( String  name)

load dynamic (native) library.

Returns true if library loaded successfully, false otherwise. Now returns true in every case since no matter if ensure() fails native functions might still be present (statically linked or whatever).

References sfi.director.system.Library.findLibrary().

Referenced by sfi.director.system.Files.chgrp(), sfi.director.system.Files.chmod(), sfi.director.system.Files.chown(), sfi.director.system.Hosts.gethostaliases(), sfi.director.system.Hosts.gethostname(), sfi.director.system.Files.readlink(), and sfi.director.system.Files.symlink().

static String sfi.director.system.Library.findLibrary ( String  name)

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