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sfi.director.util.CSVOutputFormat Class Reference

Inherits CommonMarkupOutputFormat< TemplateCSVOutputModel >.

Public Member Functions

String getName ()
String getMimeType ()
void output (String textToEsc, Writer out) throws IOException, TemplateModelException
String escapePlainText (String text)
boolean isLegacyBuiltInBypassed (String builtInName)

Static Public Member Functions

static synchronized CSVOutputFormat getInstance ()

Protected Member Functions

TemplateCSVOutputModel newTemplateMarkupOutputModel (String plainTextContent, String markupContent)

Member Function Documentation

String sfi.director.util.CSVOutputFormat.escapePlainText ( String  text)
static synchronized CSVOutputFormat sfi.director.util.CSVOutputFormat.getInstance ( )
String sfi.director.util.CSVOutputFormat.getMimeType ( )
String sfi.director.util.CSVOutputFormat.getName ( )
boolean sfi.director.util.CSVOutputFormat.isLegacyBuiltInBypassed ( String  builtInName)
TemplateCSVOutputModel sfi.director.util.CSVOutputFormat.newTemplateMarkupOutputModel ( String  plainTextContent,
String  markupContent 
void sfi.director.util.CSVOutputFormat.output ( String  textToEsc,
Writer  out 
) throws IOException, TemplateModelException

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