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sfi.director.util.DateInOut Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 DateInOut (String date, boolean isLocal) throws ArgumentException
 DateInOut (String date) throws ArgumentException
 DateInOut (Long millis)
Date getDate ()
String stdDate ()
long epochDays ()

Static Public Member Functions

static String determineDateFormat (String dateString)
 Determine SimpleDateFormat pattern matching with the given date string.

Protected Attributes

Date when = null

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

sfi.director.util.DateInOut.DateInOut ( String  date,
boolean  isLocal 
) throws ArgumentException
sfi.director.util.DateInOut.DateInOut ( String  date) throws ArgumentException
sfi.director.util.DateInOut.DateInOut ( Long  millis)

Member Function Documentation

static String sfi.director.util.DateInOut.determineDateFormat ( String  dateString)

Determine SimpleDateFormat pattern matching with the given date string.

Returns null if format is unknown. You can simply extend DateUtil with more formats if needed.

dateStringThe date string to determine the SimpleDateFormat pattern for.
The matching SimpleDateFormat pattern, or null if format is unknown.
See Also

Referenced by sfi.director.util.DateInOut.DateInOut().

long sfi.director.util.DateInOut.epochDays ( )
Date sfi.director.util.DateInOut.getDate ( )
String sfi.director.util.DateInOut.stdDate ( )

Member Data Documentation

Date sfi.director.util.DateInOut.when = null

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