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sfi.director.util.EMailAddress Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 EMailAddress ()
 EMailAddress (String addr)
void parse (String text)
String getAddress ()
String getComment ()
String getRichAddress ()

Static Public Member Functions

static void main (String args[])

Static Protected Member Functions

static String strip (String comment)
static Vector readquote (String comment, String endquote)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

sfi.director.util.EMailAddress.EMailAddress ( )
sfi.director.util.EMailAddress.EMailAddress ( String  addr)

Member Function Documentation

String sfi.director.util.EMailAddress.getAddress ( )
String sfi.director.util.EMailAddress.getComment ( )
String sfi.director.util.EMailAddress.getRichAddress ( )
static void sfi.director.util.EMailAddress.main ( String  args[])
void sfi.director.util.EMailAddress.parse ( String  text)
static Vector sfi.director.util.EMailAddress.readquote ( String  comment,
String  endquote 
static String sfi.director.util.EMailAddress.strip ( String  comment)

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