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sfi.director.util.FWManager Class Reference

Public Member Functions

void register (FWManagerDriver driver)
void deregister (FWManagerDriver driver)
Enumeration drivers ()
Connection getConnection (RemoteJob job)
Connection getConnection (RemoteJob job, Vector validNames)
void exec (RemoteJob job) throws DirectorException
void exec (RemoteJob job, Vector validNames) throws DirectorException

Member Function Documentation

void sfi.director.util.FWManager.deregister ( FWManagerDriver  driver)
Enumeration sfi.director.util.FWManager.drivers ( )
void sfi.director.util.FWManager.exec ( RemoteJob  job) throws DirectorException
void sfi.director.util.FWManager.exec ( RemoteJob  job,
Vector  validNames 
) throws DirectorException
Connection sfi.director.util.FWManager.getConnection ( RemoteJob  job)
Connection sfi.director.util.FWManager.getConnection ( RemoteJob  job,
Vector  validNames 
void sfi.director.util.FWManager.register ( FWManagerDriver  driver)

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