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sfi.director.util.ImageInfo Class Reference

Determine info about an image file. More...

Public Member Functions

 ImageInfo (File img) throws DirectorException
void thumbnail (File dest, int maxwidth, int maxheight) throws DirectorException
void identify (File img) throws DirectorException
int width ()
 Accessor for attribute width.
int width (int width)
 Mutator for attribute width.
int height ()
 Accessor for attribute height.
int height (int height)
 Mutator for attribute height.
int horizontalResolution ()
 Accessor for attribute horizontalResolution.
int horizontalResolution (int horizontalResolution)
 Mutator for attribute horizontalResolution.
int verticalResolution ()
 Accessor for attribute verticalResolution.
int verticalResolution (int verticalResolution)
 Mutator for attribute verticalResolution.

Protected Attributes

int width = 0
int height = 0
int horizontalResolution = 0
int verticalResolution = 0

Detailed Description

Determine info about an image file.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

sfi.director.util.ImageInfo.ImageInfo ( File  img) throws DirectorException

Member Function Documentation

int sfi.director.util.ImageInfo.height ( )

Accessor for attribute height.

Referenced by sfi.director.util.ImageInfo.height(), and sfi.director.util.ImageInfo.identify().

int sfi.director.util.ImageInfo.height ( int  height)

Mutator for attribute height.

References sfi.director.util.ImageInfo.height().

int sfi.director.util.ImageInfo.horizontalResolution ( )

Accessor for attribute horizontalResolution.

Referenced by sfi.director.util.ImageInfo.horizontalResolution(), and sfi.director.util.ImageInfo.identify().

int sfi.director.util.ImageInfo.horizontalResolution ( int  horizontalResolution)

Mutator for attribute horizontalResolution.

References sfi.director.util.ImageInfo.horizontalResolution().

void sfi.director.util.ImageInfo.identify ( File  img) throws DirectorException
void sfi.director.util.ImageInfo.thumbnail ( File  dest,
int  maxwidth,
int  maxheight 
) throws DirectorException
int sfi.director.util.ImageInfo.verticalResolution ( )

Accessor for attribute verticalResolution.

Referenced by sfi.director.util.ImageInfo.identify(), and sfi.director.util.ImageInfo.verticalResolution().

int sfi.director.util.ImageInfo.verticalResolution ( int  verticalResolution)

Mutator for attribute verticalResolution.

References sfi.director.util.ImageInfo.verticalResolution().

int sfi.director.util.ImageInfo.width ( )

Accessor for attribute width.

Referenced by sfi.director.util.ImageInfo.identify(), and sfi.director.util.ImageInfo.width().

int sfi.director.util.ImageInfo.width ( int  width)

Mutator for attribute width.

References sfi.director.util.ImageInfo.width().

Member Data Documentation

int sfi.director.util.ImageInfo.height = 0
int sfi.director.util.ImageInfo.horizontalResolution = 0
int sfi.director.util.ImageInfo.verticalResolution = 0
int sfi.director.util.ImageInfo.width = 0

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