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The ldifdir database driver implements a simple, low-performance file based database. This database can be used as a replacement for a full-blown LDAP database wherever one needs to store and manage a low number of objects. By default, ldifdir databases are used for the Director's queues.

Objects stored in an ldifdir database are stored in a one-file-per-object fashion. Each object is stored as one LDIF formatted file, thus the name ldifdir. Hierarchical database strucutures are mapped onto subdirectories. No index or other control structures are used, so the format used is very robust since as long as the underlying file system is not being corrupted the database is consistent. However, this has a high impact on the performance: Searching and retrieving objects will usually require the whole directory structure to be traversed and each file to be visited while operations with a given DN are usually rather fast. Therefore, using the ldifdir database for more than very small databases is strongly discouraged.

The database URI is composed of the driver name ldifdir followed by a ":" character, followed by a (file system) directory path.