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sfi.director.repository.LDAP Class Reference
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class  LDAPAccessor

Public Member Functions

 LDAP ()
 LDAP (String url)
void setCredentials (Credentials cred)
synchronized void setURL (String url) throws DirectorException
DN completeDN (DN dn)
Enumeration search (String expr, final Options searchopt) throws DirectorException
DBAccessor get (DN dn) throws DirectorException
void replace (DBObject dbo) throws DirectorException
void remove (DBObject dbo) throws DirectorException
void modify (DBObject dbo, Vector attrs) throws DirectorException
void append (DBObject dbo) throws DirectorException
void truncate () throws DirectorException
DN forceRelative (String name, DN base)
- Public Member Functions inherited from sfi.director.repository.DBConnection
String getURL ()
void setContext (RemoteJob context)
void setOption (String option)
void setOption (String option, String val)
void setOption (Options opt)
void setOption (SURL url)
String getOption (String option)
void setError (Exception e)
Exception getError ()
Enumeration search (String expr) throws DirectorException
abstract Enumeration search (String expr, Options searchopt) throws DirectorException
void close () throws DirectorException

Static Public Member Functions

static Attributes toAttributes (DBObject dbo)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from sfi.director.repository.DBConnection
static Enumeration unwrap (final Enumeration wrapped)
 Given an Enumeration of DBAccessor objects as returned by the search() method, returns an Enumeration of DBObject objects.
static String escapeSearchval (String val)

Static Public Attributes

static final int retryLoopDelay = 5000
static final int retryMaxCount = 24
- Static Public Attributes inherited from sfi.director.repository.DBConnection
static final String SEARCH_BASEDN = "BaseDN"
 used in conjunction with the search() method to set the base DN of the subtree we are about to search (option)
static final String SEARCH_NOSUB = "Sub"
static final String SEARCH_WITHSTRUCT = "WithStruct"
static final String SEARCH_SORT = "Sort"
static final String SEARCH_SCHEMA = "Schema"

Protected Member Functions

CompositeName makeName (String dn) throws DirectorException

Static Protected Member Functions

static String mangleFilter (String filter)

Protected Attributes

LdapContext rootContext
String host
DN rootDN
Credentials accessCreds
String orgUrl
boolean wasConnectedBefore = false
boolean flakyServer = false
 Is our LDAP server not standard-compliant? If set to true the LDAP module will try to emulate some functions.
- Protected Attributes inherited from sfi.director.repository.DBConnection
String url
RemoteJob context
Options options = new Options()
Exception error = null

Static Protected Attributes

static int reconnectRetries
 track number of maximum unsuccessful re-connection retries the LDAP is willing to do.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

sfi.director.repository.LDAP.LDAP ( )
sfi.director.repository.LDAP.LDAP ( String  url)

Member Function Documentation

void sfi.director.repository.LDAP.append ( DBObject  dbo) throws DirectorException
DN sfi.director.repository.LDAP.completeDN ( DN  dn)
DN sfi.director.repository.LDAP.forceRelative ( String  name,
DN  base 
DBAccessor sfi.director.repository.LDAP.get ( DN  dn) throws DirectorException
CompositeName sfi.director.repository.LDAP.makeName ( String  dn) throws DirectorException
static String sfi.director.repository.LDAP.mangleFilter ( String  filter)
void sfi.director.repository.LDAP.modify ( DBObject  dbo,
Vector  attrs 
) throws DirectorException
void sfi.director.repository.LDAP.remove ( DBObject  dbo) throws DirectorException
void sfi.director.repository.LDAP.replace ( DBObject  dbo) throws DirectorException
Enumeration ( String  expr,
final Options  searchopt 
) throws DirectorException
void sfi.director.repository.LDAP.setCredentials ( Credentials  cred)
synchronized void sfi.director.repository.LDAP.setURL ( String  url) throws DirectorException
static Attributes sfi.director.repository.LDAP.toAttributes ( DBObject  dbo)
void sfi.director.repository.LDAP.truncate ( ) throws DirectorException

Member Data Documentation

Credentials sfi.director.repository.LDAP.accessCreds
boolean sfi.director.repository.LDAP.flakyServer = false

Is our LDAP server not standard-compliant? If set to true the LDAP module will try to emulate some functions.

Currently this does only effect the way how attributes are deleted. LDAP lets you remove attributes by replacing it by replacing them with an empty attribute. At least OpenLDAP 1.x rejects doing so. This is set by the LDAP() constructor from (setup property "FlakyLDAPServer" in director.conf).

Referenced by sfi.director.repository.LDAP.LDAP(), and sfi.director.repository.LDAP.modify().

String sfi.director.repository.LDAP.orgUrl
int sfi.director.repository.LDAP.reconnectRetries

track number of maximum unsuccessful re-connection retries the LDAP is willing to do.

This is 'static' since we want to avoid the number of retries increase with the number of open connections.

Referenced by sfi.director.repository.LDAP.setURL().

final int sfi.director.repository.LDAP.retryLoopDelay = 5000
final int sfi.director.repository.LDAP.retryMaxCount = 24
LdapContext sfi.director.repository.LDAP.rootContext
DN sfi.director.repository.LDAP.rootDN
boolean sfi.director.repository.LDAP.wasConnectedBefore = false

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