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com.graeff.dbedit.EditDaemon Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for com.graeff.dbedit.EditDaemon:
com.graeff.dbedit.EditUi com.graeff.dbedit.EventSource

Public Member Functions

 EditDaemon (Editor editor, Record data)
void clearErrors ()
 remove all stacked up errors
EditError getNextError ()
 get the next error out of the stacked error list and remove it from the list
void error (Field f, String msg, boolean serious)
void displayError (String msg, boolean serious)
void addLoad (String name) throws Exception
 Loads an additional schema.
- Public Member Functions inherited from com.graeff.dbedit.EditUi
 EditUi (Editor editor, Record data)
void runImport ()
void setExpander (ExpandHook exp)
void eventNotify (GuiEvent evt)
void registerEventListener (Field f)
void unregisterEventListener (Field f)
Field getFieldByAttribute (String attr)
Field getFieldByLabel (String label)
void pullData ()
void putData ()
void setDefaults ()
void exchange (Field source, Vector data, String target)
void textinput (String target, String data)
Vector expand (String template)
Record getData ()
boolean checkData ()
void error (Field f, String msg)
void warning (Field f, String msg)
Editor getEditor ()
Enumeration fields ()
 return an enumeration of fields managed by this user interface.
void removeField (String name)
 Remove a field.
String fancyPrint ()

Protected Member Functions

void initPanels ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from com.graeff.dbedit.EditUi
Editor editor
Record data

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

com.graeff.dbedit.EditDaemon.EditDaemon ( Editor  editor,
Record  data 

Member Function Documentation

void com.graeff.dbedit.EditDaemon.addLoad ( String  what) throws Exception

Loads an additional schema.

This is explicitly allowed during editing, so that fields may be added/removed depending on e.g. field values.

Reimplemented from com.graeff.dbedit.EditUi.

References com.graeff.dbedit.EditDaemon.initPanels().

void com.graeff.dbedit.EditDaemon.clearErrors ( )
void com.graeff.dbedit.EditDaemon.displayError ( String  msg,
boolean  serious 

Reimplemented from com.graeff.dbedit.EditUi.

void com.graeff.dbedit.EditDaemon.error ( Field  f,
String  msg,
boolean  serious 
EditError com.graeff.dbedit.EditDaemon.getNextError ( )

get the next error out of the stacked error list and remove it from the list

Referenced by sfi.director.application.FrontendHTTPServer.getEditorErrors().

void com.graeff.dbedit.EditDaemon.initPanels ( )

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