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sfi.director.application.FrontendEditor Class Reference

implements a handler for frontend object editors More...

Inheritance diagram for sfi.director.application.FrontendEditor:
sfi.director.application.FrontendDisposableAdapter sfi.director.application.FrontendDisposable

Public Member Functions

 FrontendEditor (DaemonObjectEdit editor)
String getId ()
void dispose ()
 flush this object
void finalize ()
DaemonObjectEdit getEditor ()
void setTimeout (long timeout)
void setDB (DBConnection db)
DBConnection getDB ()
void setBase (DN dn)
DN getBase ()
boolean getCreate ()
void setCreate (boolean create)
- Public Member Functions inherited from sfi.director.application.FrontendDisposableAdapter
boolean hasTimedOut ()
 returns true if object is to be disposed
long getTimeout ()
void accessed ()
 reset timeout period

Static Public Member Functions

static FrontendEditor getEditor (String id)

Detailed Description

implements a handler for frontend object editors

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

sfi.director.application.FrontendEditor.FrontendEditor ( DaemonObjectEdit  editor)

Member Function Documentation

void sfi.director.application.FrontendEditor.dispose ( )
void sfi.director.application.FrontendEditor.finalize ( )
DN sfi.director.application.FrontendEditor.getBase ( )
boolean sfi.director.application.FrontendEditor.getCreate ( )
DBConnection sfi.director.application.FrontendEditor.getDB ( )
DaemonObjectEdit sfi.director.application.FrontendEditor.getEditor ( )
static FrontendEditor sfi.director.application.FrontendEditor.getEditor ( String  id)
String sfi.director.application.FrontendEditor.getId ( )
void sfi.director.application.FrontendEditor.setBase ( DN  dn)
void sfi.director.application.FrontendEditor.setCreate ( boolean  create)
void sfi.director.application.FrontendEditor.setDB ( DBConnection  db)
void sfi.director.application.FrontendEditor.setTimeout ( long  timeout)

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