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sfi.director.application.PackageSession Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 PackageSession (DBObject host)
JobNode installPkg (DBObject pkg, DBObject repository)
JobNode removePkg (DBObject pkg, DBObject repository)
synchronized JobNode flushNext ()
synchronized JobNode cleanupNext ()

Protected Member Functions

PackageInstaller findInstaller (DBObject pkg, DBObject repository)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

sfi.director.application.PackageSession.PackageSession ( DBObject  host)

Member Function Documentation

synchronized JobNode sfi.director.application.PackageSession.cleanupNext ( )
PackageInstaller sfi.director.application.PackageSession.findInstaller ( DBObject  pkg,
DBObject  repository 
synchronized JobNode sfi.director.application.PackageSession.flushNext ( )
JobNode sfi.director.application.PackageSession.installPkg ( DBObject  pkg,
DBObject  repository 
JobNode sfi.director.application.PackageSession.removePkg ( DBObject  pkg,
DBObject  repository 

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