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Public Member Functions

 JobNode ()
 JobNode (String name)
 JobNode (String name, String descr)
 JobNode (DBObject dbo)
 JobNode (DBObject dbo, boolean doregister)
 JobNode (Job job)
void todb (DBObject dbo)
void die ()
void log (LogEntry le)
void addTmpFile (String name)
String nextTmpFile ()
void setNext (JobNode next)
JobNode getNext ()
String getNextId ()
void setRecover (JobNode next)
JobNode getRecover ()
String getRecoverId ()
void setSub (JobNode next)
JobNode getSub ()
String getSubId ()
void setJob (Job job)
Job setNullJob ()
Job getJob ()
String getJobId ()
void setHead (JobNode head)
void Notify (Job notijob)
void Abort ()
void Sleep ()
void WakeUp ()
void reanimate () throws DirectorException
synchronized void invoke () throws DirectorException
Job getBackChain ()
String getBackChainId ()
void setBackChain (String id)
- Public Member Functions inherited from
 Job ()
 Job (String name)
 Job (String name, String descr)
 Job (DBObject db)
 Job (DBObject db, boolean doregister)
void addNotify (Notifiable n)
void addNotify (String id)
void delegateNotify (Job next)
JobStatus getStatus ()
void setDescr (String descr)
String getDescr ()
void setName (String name)
String getName ()
String getId ()
long getCreationTime ()
void commit () throws ArgumentException
void setOption (String name, String content)
void setOption (String name)
void setServer (ServerConnection server)
ServerConnection getServer ()
void setScheduleOption (String name)
void setScheduleOption (String name, String val)
String getScheduleOption (String name)
DBObject todb ()
DN getDN ()
Vector getLog ()
Vector getMonitors ()
void addMonitor (JobMonitor monitor)
void removeMonitor (JobMonitor monitor)
void finalize ()
JobNode getHead ()
String getHeadId ()

Protected Member Functions

void setStatus (JobStatus status)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from
void NotifyAll ()
void setHeadId (String id)

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from
static Job Job (DBObject dbo) throws DirectorException
static Job Job (DBObject dbo, boolean doregister) throws DirectorException

Constructor & Destructor Documentation ( ) ( String  name) ( String  name,
String  descr 
) ( DBObject  dbo) ( DBObject  dbo,
boolean  doregister 
) ( Job  job)

Member Function Documentation

void ( )
void ( String  name)
void ( )

Reimplemented from

Job ( )
String ( )
Job ( )
String ( )
JobNode ( )
String ( )
JobNode ( )
String ( )
JobNode ( )
String ( )
synchronized void ( ) throws DirectorException
void ( LogEntry  le)
String ( )
void ( Job  notijob)
void ( ) throws DirectorException
void ( String  id)
void ( JobNode  head)
void ( Job  job)


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void ( JobNode  next)
Job ( )
void ( JobNode  next)
void ( JobStatus  status)
void ( JobNode  next)
void ( )

Reimplemented from


void ( DBObject  dbo)
void ( )

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