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sfi.director.application.autodoc.CollectConfigFiles Class Reference

Collect configuration files. More...

Inheritance diagram for sfi.director.application.autodoc.CollectConfigFiles:

Public Member Functions

void collect () throws DirectorException
- Public Member Functions inherited from sfi.director.application.autodoc.CollectHandler
 CollectHandler ()
boolean isWilling ()
 check preconditions and return false if this handler is not willing to perform.
void copyFile (File file) throws DirectorException
String getArgument (String arg)
void addObject (DBObject obj)
InfoCollector collector ()
 Accessor for attribute collector.
InfoCollector collector (InfoCollector collector)
 Mutator for attribute collector.

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from sfi.director.application.autodoc.CollectHandler
InfoCollector collector = null
 The current InfoCollector.

Detailed Description

Collect configuration files.

Member Function Documentation

void sfi.director.application.autodoc.CollectConfigFiles.collect ( ) throws DirectorException

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