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sfi.director.util.InterceptArchive Class Reference

a fake archive, not actually storing files, but only their references. More...

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Public Member Functions

 InterceptArchive ()
void close ()
Vector filelist ()
void store (File file, String name) throws DirectorException
File extractAs (File file) throws DirectorException
File extract (File directory) throws DirectorException
File extract (File directory, File target) throws DirectorException
- Public Member Functions inherited from sfi.director.util.Archive
 Archive (InputStream input)
 Archive (OutputStream output)
void storeAll (File directory) throws DirectorException
void storeAll (File directory, String name) throws DirectorException
void filter (ArchiveFilter filter)
ArchiveFilter filter ()
void skip () throws DirectorException
DBObject lookAhead () throws DirectorException
String nextFileName () throws DirectorException
long nextLastModified () throws DirectorException
void extractAll (File directory) throws DirectorException

Protected Member Functions

void finalize ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from sfi.director.util.Archive
void getChunk (byte[] buffer, int size) throws DirectorException

Protected Attributes

Vector filelist = new Vector()
- Protected Attributes inherited from sfi.director.util.Archive
InputStream input
OutputStream output
DecimalFormat lengthField = new DecimalFormat( "000000000" )
DBObject lookAheadObj = null
ArchiveFilter filter = null

Detailed Description

a fake archive, not actually storing files, but only their references.

This can be used to see what files would be stored in the archive.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

sfi.director.util.InterceptArchive.InterceptArchive ( )

Member Function Documentation

void sfi.director.util.InterceptArchive.close ( )
File sfi.director.util.InterceptArchive.extract ( File  directory) throws DirectorException
File sfi.director.util.InterceptArchive.extract ( File  directory,
File  target 
) throws DirectorException
File sfi.director.util.InterceptArchive.extractAs ( File  file) throws DirectorException

Reimplemented from sfi.director.util.Archive.

Vector sfi.director.util.InterceptArchive.filelist ( )
void sfi.director.util.InterceptArchive.finalize ( )
void ( File  file,
String  name 
) throws DirectorException

Member Data Documentation

Vector sfi.director.util.InterceptArchive.filelist = new Vector()

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