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sfi.director.application.scripttask.ConfigureNetwork Class Reference

Given a host configures network settings on this host. More...

Inheritance diagram for sfi.director.application.scripttask.ConfigureNetwork:
sfi.director.application.ScriptTask sfi.director.executor.GenericConnection sfi.director.util.Connection

Public Member Functions

JobNode create (EventEnvironment ev) throws DirectorException
 given an EventEnvironment create a Workflow (JobNode) doing whatever this ScriptTask is intended for
void setJob (RemoteJob job)
void exec () throws DirectorException
boolean setDebian (Options args)

Detailed Description

Given a host configures network settings on this host.

Member Function Documentation

JobNode sfi.director.application.scripttask.ConfigureNetwork.create ( EventEnvironment  ev) throws DirectorException
void sfi.director.application.scripttask.ConfigureNetwork.exec ( ) throws DirectorException
boolean sfi.director.application.scripttask.ConfigureNetwork.setDebian ( Options  args)
void sfi.director.application.scripttask.ConfigureNetwork.setJob ( RemoteJob  job)

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