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sfi.director.repository.CupsPPDDir Class Reference

handle /etc/cups/ppd CUPS PPD driver directory. More...

Inheritance diagram for sfi.director.repository.CupsPPDDir:

Public Member Functions

 CupsPPDDir ()
 CupsPPDDir (String url)
void setURL (String url) throws DirectorException
Enumeration search (final String expr, final Options searchopt) throws DirectorException
DBAccessor get (DN dn) throws DirectorException
void append (DBObject dbo) throws DirectorException
void truncate () throws DirectorException
void remove (DBObject dbo) throws DirectorException
void replace (DBObject dbo) throws DirectorException
- Public Member Functions inherited from sfi.director.repository.DBConnection
void setCredentials (Credentials cred)
String getURL ()
void setContext (RemoteJob context)
void setOption (String option)
void setOption (String option, String val)
void setOption (Options opt)
void setOption (SURL url)
String getOption (String option)
void setError (Exception e)
Exception getError ()
DN completeDN (DN dn)
Enumeration search (String expr) throws DirectorException
abstract Enumeration search (String expr, Options searchopt) throws DirectorException
void modify (DBObject dbo, Vector attrs) throws DirectorException
void close () throws DirectorException

Protected Member Functions

DBObject mkDBObject (String name)
boolean isPrinter (DBObject dbo)
String getName (DN dn)
String findPPD (String ppd)
String findPPD (String directory, String ppd, int depth)

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from sfi.director.repository.DBConnection
static Enumeration unwrap (final Enumeration wrapped)
 Given an Enumeration of DBAccessor objects as returned by the search() method, returns an Enumeration of DBObject objects.
static String escapeSearchval (String val)
- Static Public Attributes inherited from sfi.director.repository.DBConnection
static final String SEARCH_BASEDN = "BaseDN"
 used in conjunction with the search() method to set the base DN of the subtree we are about to search (option)
static final String SEARCH_NOSUB = "Sub"
static final String SEARCH_WITHSTRUCT = "WithStruct"
static final String SEARCH_SORT = "Sort"
static final String SEARCH_SCHEMA = "Schema"
- Protected Attributes inherited from sfi.director.repository.DBConnection
String url
RemoteJob context
Options options = new Options()
Exception error = null

Detailed Description

handle /etc/cups/ppd CUPS PPD driver directory.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

sfi.director.repository.CupsPPDDir.CupsPPDDir ( )
sfi.director.repository.CupsPPDDir.CupsPPDDir ( String  url)

Member Function Documentation

void sfi.director.repository.CupsPPDDir.append ( DBObject  dbo) throws DirectorException
String sfi.director.repository.CupsPPDDir.findPPD ( String  ppd)
String sfi.director.repository.CupsPPDDir.findPPD ( String  directory,
String  ppd,
int  depth 
DBAccessor sfi.director.repository.CupsPPDDir.get ( DN  dn) throws DirectorException
String sfi.director.repository.CupsPPDDir.getName ( DN  dn)
boolean sfi.director.repository.CupsPPDDir.isPrinter ( DBObject  dbo)
DBObject sfi.director.repository.CupsPPDDir.mkDBObject ( String  name)
void sfi.director.repository.CupsPPDDir.remove ( DBObject  dbo) throws DirectorException
void sfi.director.repository.CupsPPDDir.replace ( DBObject  dbo) throws DirectorException
Enumeration ( final String  expr,
final Options  searchopt 
) throws DirectorException
void sfi.director.repository.CupsPPDDir.setURL ( String  url) throws DirectorException
void sfi.director.repository.CupsPPDDir.truncate ( ) throws DirectorException

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