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sfi.director.retriever.BackupFileRetriever Class Reference

The BackupFileRetriever is identical to the AtomicFileRetriever. More...

Inheritance diagram for sfi.director.retriever.BackupFileRetriever:
sfi.director.retriever.AtomicFileRetriever sfi.director.retriever.FileRetriever sfi.director.retriever.Retriever sfi.director.retriever.RetrieverDriver sfi.director.retriever.FileInsertRetriever


class  BackupFile

Public Member Functions

 BackupFileRetriever ()
 BackupFileRetriever (String name)
- Public Member Functions inherited from sfi.director.retriever.AtomicFileRetriever
 AtomicFileRetriever ()
 AtomicFileRetriever (String name)
RemoteFile connect (String url, RemoteJob context) throws DirectorException
- Public Member Functions inherited from sfi.director.retriever.FileRetriever
 FileRetriever ()
 FileRetriever (String name)
boolean accept (String url, RemoteJob context)
- Public Member Functions inherited from sfi.director.retriever.Retriever
 Retriever ()
 Retriever (String name)
String name ()
boolean accept (String url)
RemoteFile connect (String url) throws sfi.director.util.DirectorException

Protected Member Functions

OutputStream writer (File tmpfile, File outfile) throws IOException

Detailed Description

The BackupFileRetriever is identical to the AtomicFileRetriever.

Only before actually replacing the target file it saves a backup copy via Tools.backupFile().

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

sfi.director.retriever.BackupFileRetriever.BackupFileRetriever ( )
sfi.director.retriever.BackupFileRetriever.BackupFileRetriever ( String  name)

Member Function Documentation

OutputStream sfi.director.retriever.BackupFileRetriever.writer ( File  tmpfile,
File  outfile 
) throws IOException

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